Camino De Santiago Drawing Dairy-Day 2 Villafranca- The Real start / by chiyun yeh

12/23 Villafranca- The real start


The second day, also start walking in the dark, even it’s already 8AM. One best thing walk before dawn, you can see the beautiful sunrise and see how the sun color the sky with blue and pink gradations.
I was a bit nervous before I start, I don’t know where I can find the yellow arrow. But somehow, those questions just gone when I really start walking.

I thought there won’t have people walk Camino in the winter, but surprisingly, I just met one pilgrim from Australia immediately. This is his second time to walk Camino. It’s really interesting thing that people start sharing some stories on the way. After walk together for a while, he speed up and we said goodbye, Buen Camino. I never see this friend again, hope he is well.

There are other interesting things on the way, a guy rode bicycle with this dog, Contemporary Arts(?) next to the road. Also there were 5 people I keep seeing all the time today.(I’m glad in the end I become friends with them!)

After walking 30 km, finally arrived Villafranca. Such a small and quiet town. There’s a river near the center area, the view remind me the Onsen street in Japan. My body and foot were really hurt, but those beautiful view just cure my pain.
One thing I regret in this trip is, I should stay at Albergue from the beginning, but not like a pussy stay at hotel….

Albergue and pilgrim

Albergue and pilgrim

First day walking, I made it! 8 days more. I know I will make it. Those friends I met on the way, they already walked for almost a month! So brave. I’ll catch you guys up!(I hope, lol)

To be continued…
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